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garage renovation

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Hello, I am looking for a Klusjesman that can communicate in English for the following service: Renovation of my garage as described below: 1 - Close the sides with wood. 2 - Close the ceiling and make the rain water pipe installation 3 - Make a garage door for the front with sliding system 4 - Add a door on the back 5 - Paint I would like to receive an estimation of: - Price of the service - Duration of the service - Possible Dates to start and end of the service - Price of the necessary materials An appointment for looking to the place can be done for evenings after 6:00pm The pictures of the garage as currently it is and what needs to be done: Front as it is: Front as it must to be: Ceiling and side as it it currently: Ceiling and side as it must be: Back as it is: Back as it must to be: Side as it is now: Side as it must be: Examples on how it must look:

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